Weeworld Gold Generator 2016

The new Weeworld Gold Generator 2014 is now ready for Weeworld players to use to get free gold points. We have developed this generator ourselves and is very safe and secure to use; however, we recommend you to use and download the Weeworld gold generator twice per day so your account doesn’t get banned.

To get download the safe Weeworld gold generator all you have to do is click on our download button below and run the software program. If you do not see the download button then come back later in the day to check to see if we have put it back up. The reason we take it down is because we are always updating it to make sure it is safe for everyone to use.

Weeworld Gold Generator 2014 Download

This Weeworld gold generator will give you as many free gold coins as you want. We recommend you to only add a small amount of gold coins to your account at a time so Weeworld won’t catch you. We have used this download several times and it works. So don’t waste your time anymore filling out different surveys and such. You can now get free gold coins by downloading our software program.

Why Do You Need Gold Coins?

Having gold coins in Weeworld is important for many reasons. Having gold is like having money in the real world. With gold you can purchase different items for you Weemee such as clothes and other specialty items. If you are a VIP member you get a certain amount of free gold each month to spend; however, its not much. With this download you can basically have a way to always have as much gold as you want.

Like we said, if the download button is not here then come back later in the day to check to see if it is back. We are always updating our software to ensure that it is safe and secure for you to use. Remember to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win a FREE Weeworld VIP account.

65 thoughts on “Weeworld Gold Generator 2016

  1. Can you please give me 50,000 gold and 50,000 green points plus a year for VIP? Thanks, my username is Adrienne00001

  2. do you actually give people gold and green or is this a fake and you have to download something for it then my computer acts like s**t

  3. Please can I have gold and vip please user:JADEWEST56 pass:jadewest

    Only for him don’t steal it please

  4. username: anik3 .give me 10000 gold & green points and 1year vip pass , plzzzzzzzzzz.
    may i please have 10000000000 gold and green on weeworld and vip for a year. my weeworld account user is JADAKISS578my username is anik3 . give me 10000 gold points,plz.I need 10,00000000 gold points and 1 year vip


    • can i please have 90000 green gems and 10000000 gold gems. thank you

      my username is ali212

      and vip would be nice. thanks again

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