Weeworld Glitches

There are a couple Weeworld glitches that you can do in Weeworld. Some glitches may not work anymore because we haven’t tried them for a long time. However, you can still try them because they pay off may be great.

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The first Weeworld glitch we are going to tell you about is a free gold glitch. As of last year, this glitch worked perfectly; however, we have not tried is since. First, go to your room and save the game. Then head over to the store and put on any hat you want to and purchase the item. Next, refresh the page but when you see the x symbol quickly click on it to pause the refresh.

Now head back to your home page and open up your inventory. You should now notice that you have the hat; however, you didn’t lose any gold to buy it. If you did this correctly you shouldn’t have spent any gold on the hat.

There is also a closet glitch in which you can purchase clothes from a friends closet. To do this glitch head over to the Weeworld website and login to your account. Next, open a second tab and go to the Weeworld website on that tab as well.

Now, sign out of your account on the second tab but stay signed in on the first tab. Now sign in to the account that you want the item from. You should still be in the closet section on the first tab. Select the item on the first tab and save.

Check out your second tab and you should see the item in there now! Congrats, if you did this right you just did the Weeworld closet glitch.

14 thoughts on “Weeworld Glitches

  1. you guys are cool but i think i seen u guys before though but anyways can one of u guys give me free v.i.p my wee world name is jason200063 and my password is jason1 so there if u guys have a gang im in if you guys let me okay peac out man and bro

  2. I’m doing exactly as you say but it’s not working. It says cause it’s a VIP item and stuff it won’t work cause I’M not VIP.

  3. I really wanted V.I.P for a long time. I sometimes fill out offers to get free V.I.P but I never end up getting it…..I really want it please…just for a month at least…

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