How To Get Free VIP On Weeworld – 2014 Membership

Many people have been asking us on how to get a free VIP on Weeworld so we are going to try to help all of you out. Websites claim to have free software programs that you can get a free VIP; however, many of these are spam sites and not the real thing so you need to be careful.

Our team has good news for you. Right now we are currently working on a Free Weeworld VIP account generator software program for you to get a free account. We will let everyone know when it is complete. We are making sure that it is both safe and secure to use. When this is complete all you will have to do is go to our Weeworld VIP page and click on the download link.

How To Get Free VIP On Weeworld

In the mean time, we are giving away free Weeworld VIP membership accounts to our visitors. To enter, all you have to do is like our Facebook page and or subscribe to our YouTube channel. After so many likes and subscribers we will hold a drawing for some free VIP accounts.

If you have not entered into the drawing yet then do so fast. The more likes we get the more Free Weeworld VIP accounts we will give out. Make sure to check back often and stay tuned for when we come out with the Weeworld VIP software download for you guys.

77 thoughts on “How To Get Free VIP On Weeworld – 2014 Membership

  1. Hey I’m making YouTube vidZ on weeworld and it would mean a lot if u would give me a account my friend xXMehMehxX is a VIP but I’m not and we’re making the vids so plz!!!!!!

  2. I we’ll love to have VIP people make fun of my account because it’s so ugly people say get VIP and you’ll be prettier and they call me like gorilla or vannila white girl and I don’t like it please get me VIP and gold thank you ❤️ /.

  3. I would like 1 year of free vip and 100,000 gold PLEASE I’m begging you,I’ve been looking for so long and I’m desparate for VIP. Thanks,I’m IAteAShark on weeworld 😉

  4. i really want vip so bad and i want lots of gold but i don’t want to pay can u pleez give me vip and lots of gold i have tried everything

  5. Would you mind taking your time and please helping me out with getting 2 months or more of VIP with 10,000 or more gold my username is hotgurl503.All my friends say that I.should and when you are VIP you can buy nice or decent clothes.Thank you for taking your time reading this…Please help make me VIP

  6. Hi i play weeworld and for abou 2 years i have been looking for free vip and gold because my family is poor and we can barley pay for the hpuse rent and if its possible you can give free vip for one year and at least
    10,000 gold and green if possible. Thank you
    User: Justincase69

  7. hi XD ive been palying weeworld for about 2-5years already ive been trying to find out how to get free vip for 1year atleast and gold if possible

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